Dedicated volunteers, Passionate Christians.



All of our wonderful team are volunteers. They give up their time to come and serve at NYHP and bless us with their enthusiasm and care.

It is always exciting to hear people's stories from over the years of ways in which the holiday had a significant impact on their life. Many of the current leadership team grew up attending the event and have carried on coming along to invest in the next generation of young people.


DBS Checked
All of our team have registered DBS checks through Urban Saints.

Our volunteers receive training and those new to NYHP are mentored throughout the week by more experienced volunteers.

On Board
All our volunteers sign up to the Urban Saints ___ of faith an are here becuase they love working with young people.


Core Team

Our Core team organise and manage the holiday. They too are volunteers but are involved year round in making NYHP happen.


Will James
Holiday leader

Grace James
Holiday Leader

Graham Patey
Volunteers Mentor

Alice Armstrong
Holiday Co-ordinator

David Armstrong
Holiday Co-ordinator

Mike Croft
Finance Co-ordinator

Sarah Fortune
Holiday Co-ordinator

Kevin Hinderhotlz
Activities Co-ordinator

Naomi Pritchard
Activities Co-ordinator


Urban Saints

The holiday is overseen by Urban Saints, formerly Crusaders and their wealth of experience.


Urban Saints Support Centre
Kestin House,
45 Crescent Road,