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At New Years House Party you'll find a community that love, seek and serve the Lord.

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What is NYHP? 

New Years House Party (NYHP) is a five day residential holiday held at the Urban Saints Westbrook House on the Isle of Wight.

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Who's it for? 

It's for anyone in school years 9-13 (or at college). Some young people come as part of youth groups, others just rock up and make friends when they're here.

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What if I'm not Christian?

NYHP is a Christian holiday and we will be talking about God. But anyone is welcome and we recognise and respect that everybody has different opinions and perspectives.

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How much is it?

NYHP is not run to make us money. This year its £150 per person all inclusive.

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Are you a leader?


Great people, great purpose
— nyhp17 youth feedback

We want to build and equip young people with a faith that grows and endures.

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We are a registered Charity

NYHP is an URBAN SAINTS holiday.

NYHP at Westbrook has been running for 35 years.